10 Questions to… Alex Luxat

10 Questions to… Alex Luxat
Name Alex Luxat
About Owner WeFunk skateboards
Country Germany
Age 42
Discipline Downhill, Freeride, City, Bowls
Likes Scifi, sushi, funk + hiphop
Dislikes Church, religion, hipocrisy
Fun fact Flunked law school because of too much snowboarding (11 weeks/year)

1. Which helmet(s) do you wear ?
Icaro Skyrunner (downhill), 187 Killerpads soft foam helmet (bowls)

2. What protection do you use ?
NJK leathers, Modeka leathers, Dainese back protector, ProDesigned kneepads for transition riding

3. What safety precautions do you take when riding on open roads ?
Recon car with radio in front, in-helmet radio.

Alex Luxat crash4. Have you been into any serious accidents ? If so, did protection help you there ?
Breaking a collarbone at Kozakov. There is no protection for braking a collarbone.
(pic is from a simple bike crash without a helmet)

5. What’s the best (safety) advice someone gave you ?
Ride within your limits.

6. Have you ever refused to ride an event, because safety measures weren’t taken (enough) and if so why ?
No. But I flunked at Whistler because I couldn‘t handle the road.

7. What changes would you like to see/propose in terms of safety regulations (during events) ?
I think the safety regulations are pretty good. It‘s up to the organizers to follow these regulations strictly. An official representant of the federation(s) has to make sure the regulations are followed by the race orga.

Alex Luxat in action

8. What do you think of the current helmet policies from IGSA/IDF ?
I don‘t know what (or if at all) the IGSA has changed recently. I think as long as the helmet is fullface, in good order and always chinstrapped all is good. I believe in the safety of softer shelled helmets that break on impact.

9. What do you think of introducing a motorcycle helmet policy on IGSA/IDF events ?
That‘s bullshit. A heavy bulky helmet might be much more dangerous (eg. for the neck) in our sport than a light and small one.

10. Is there something you would like to say about safety which hasn’t been addressed in the previous questions ?
When people race together safety is also dependend on the attitude of the racers. There are reckless people that I feel unsafe riding with because they are unpredictable in their behaviour. Sometimes I miss some gentlemen‘s etiquette in races or freerides. E.g. it‘s totally unneccessary to wipe out sb. in front of you with an uncontrolled drift on a wet road during a warmup run. That‘s not „rad“ but just plain stupid. Most shit happens in situations like this. Less attitude more brains please.

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