10 Questions to… Mikel Echegaray-Diez

10 Questions to… Mikel Echegaray-Diez
Name Mikel Echegaray Diez
Country Spain
Age 26
Discipline Street luge and Classic luge
Likes I like riding mountain bike, food of my country, traveling
Dislikes Bad weather, the traffic....

1. Which helmet(s) do you wear ?
I use an Icaro Skyrunner (EN 966).

2. What protection do you use ?
I use leathers (ARC), gloves and helmet.

3. What safety precautions do you take when riding on open roads ?
The better way to keep safe while you are riding on open roads (for me) it’s only to ride on the line that you see what is coming. I say, if you are riding and you don’t see what is after a corner you have to take that corner completly in your lane. That is to don’t have accidents with cars. To avoid crashes with guardrail, trees you must change your mind and be thinking all the moment that you are riding on a open road, so you cannot go at 100% of your level, never!

4. Have you been into any serious accidents ? If so, did protection help you there ?
No, I never had a serious accident riding street luge and I hope that I can continue like that!

5. What’s the best (safety) advice someone gave you ?
If you don’t see what is after the corner, don’t cross your line!

Mikel Echegaray Diez in action

6. Have you ever refused to ride an event, because safety measures weren’t taken (enough) and if so why ?
No, if i see that the road is not safe enough I take more precaution while I’m riding there. If the danger is in some specific part I suggest to organizer to protect that part more.

7. What changes would you like to see/propose in terms of safety regulations (during events) ?
I think they are okey.

8. What do you think of the current helmet policies from IGSA/IDF ?
Helmet policies are okey for me, but could be better to focus on; if a helmet had a crash (medium/hard) helmet must be changed. So don’t allow helmets after crashes!

9. What do you think of introducing a motorcycle helmet policy on IGSA/IDF events ?
Can be a way to be more safe at this type of events. Must be the same rule for all organizations (IGSA/IDF……)

10. Is there something you would like to say about safety which hasn’t been addressed in the previous questions ?
Downhill is not a game, I can say about street luge,Is not a game, it’s serious. Everybody must know that and take a lot of precaution while they are riding, epecially on races, everybody wants to win (it’s normal, is a race) and sometimes people go above their level and accidents happen… also on open road. Ride seriously, take care and enjoy your riding!!

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