10 Questions to… Tamara Prader

10 Questions to… Tamara Prader
Name Tamara Prader
About Architect, Graphic Designer, IGSA #3 2011, IGSA #4 2012
Country Switzerland
Age 29
Discipline Downhill skateboarding
Likes Sunshine, Rain on hot asphalt, Bacon, Peanut Butter, Bouldering, Smiling at random strangers, Snowboaring, Checking out Patrick’s (Switzer) stamp collection
Dislikes Shitty coffee, Haters, Bad architects, Calgary, over weight luggage at airports
Fun fact I am Swiss, we’re not funny.

1. Which helmet(s) do you wear ?
I was racing with an UVEX Enduro until now. Triple 8 produced a smaller shell for tiny heads like me and if I feel comfortable and safe in it, I’ll switch.

2. What protection do you use ?
NJK Leathers, Triple8 hip pads, Rayne gloves, Ojoom Pucks, Hightop shoes (Nike SB), Backprotector by Dainese, G-Form pads

3. What safety precautions do you take when riding on open roads ?
Ride in low traffic (early mornings for example), don’t ride at my limit and know my limits, if other people are around have spotters or walkie talkies

4. Have you been into any serious accidents ? If so, did protection help you there ?
Nope. A broken wrist and a tore PCL was enough and is considered minor “damage”

5. What’s the best (safety) advice someone gave you ?
Do skateboarders nowadays give safety advice ?

6. Have you ever refused to ride an event, because safety measures weren’t taken (enough) and if so why ?
No but I’d be the first one to not race if so.

Tamara Prader in action

7. What changes would you like to see/propose in terms of safety regulations (during events) ?
Brief spectators and KEEP THEM OFF THE TRACK! Be strict with 4 or 6 people runs during freeriding (no accidents=more runs for everybody)

8. What do you think of the current helmet policies from IGSA/IDF ?
Still not strict enough if I hear about all the people suffering from concussions after crashes and people with helmets that were passed down for generations…

9. What do you think of introducing a motorcycle helmet policy on IGSA/IDF events ?
I feel very safe in mine! Looking at how tight racing gets these days, I’d say it should be considered!

10. Is there something you would like to say about safety which hasn’t been addressed in the previous questions ?
Know your limits and don’t endanger others with your riding.

Photo credits
Profile pic by Patrick Switzer
Action pic by Olivier Séguin Leduc

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