Adam Colton in speed flying crash

Adam Colton after speed flying crashAdam Colton is in hospital after a serious speed flying crash. His wing collapsed on him at an altitude of approx 400 feet/122 meters.

Brocken monster. Broken neck, fractured lower back. Crack right jaw, chipped teeth, bruised lung, cut kidney, sure lucky to be alive, very close to being paralyzed. Learning to walk again and get out of bed which is impossible right now. At the Reno, NV hospital now.

I took a horrible wing collapse at the end of an epic 7,500 ft vertical flight. Soaring this rock band near the LZ catching some thermals, flying with Dave, Stan for awhile and some hawks. Out of nowhere wing collapsed, then reiinflated sending me into a horrible out of control spiral with riser twist 400 ft to the ground. Happened so fast and violent and have never had a wing collapse so bad on me before. Unconscious for a bit on the ground don’t remember hitting the ground. Will make a full recovery and fly and smile another day. Full report down the line. My spine protector saved life.

“Will make a full recovery” he posted on his Facebook, so let’s all hope for that. Adam, we wish you a quick recovery.

If you don’t know who Adam Colton is, he’s an Ambassador for Loaded and Orangatang Wheels and has made contributions in developing the Loaded Bhangra (amongst others) and has created/starred in some well-known longboard videos (see 2 below).

Adam’s website | Facebook page

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