Author: Beee

Beee is a street luger from Holland. In his day job he fights for more transparancy in the world of author rights/royalties.With that same spirit he also fights for more transparancy within helmet certifications.

Houwteq crash

Even when you’re dressed in leather, accidents can easily happen. You get a speed wobble, someone cuts your line or you can miss a corner for example and hit the hay pretty hard. Like what 15 year old Canan van Loggerenberg (South Africa) did last month on Houwteq Downhill Challenge.

He took a right handed corner too wide and went upside down across the hay. Luckily nothing happened and he walked away unscaved.

Longboarding 101 – stopping

This is a very interesting video, which was shot after all the ruckus which went down because of the “Spoofing the traffic cam” video where a longboarder tried to set of a traffic cam. A lot of people said it’s not safe to ride like that because you don’t have enough room to break.

This video will show a longboarder needs about the same distance to break as someone on a bike.

Utah University discusses skateboarding ban

Utah UniversityThe University of Utah is considering a plan to forbid recreational riding of skateboards (and bicycles for that matter) on its campus.

“Increasingly, young boarders are coming up to campus to speed down the hill to the city, creating potential hazards and at least one collision where a professor was injured, he said.” according to police Chief Scott Folsom. “There are plenty of places to skateboard. Streets, sidewalks and parking structures on campus are not the place to do it.”

Adam Colton in speed flying crash

Adam Colton after speed flying crashBrocken monster. Broken neck, fractured lower back. Crack right jaw, chipped teeth, bruised lung, cut kidney, sure lucky to be alive, very close to being paralyzed. Learning to walk again and get out of bed which is impossible right now. At the Reno, NV hospital now.

That is what Adam Colton posted on his Facebook page a couple of hours ago.