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The SHM x S1 Lifer Helmet

The SHM x S1 Lifer HelmetEver wanted to ride with a melon on your head ? Now is your chance because SkateHouseMedia has designed the new S1 Lifer Helmet, which has a melon print design.

For only $ 50,- it’s yours, if you live in the states since international shipping is not available yet. Click here for the video where housemate Pat Schep shows it of.

Skater dies from skitching

Last week 18-year old skater Alexander Ciszewski was killed after being run over by a truck while skateboarding home from school Thursday afternoon in Queens, after losing control of his board while skitching.

For those who don’t know what skitching is, skitching is hanging on the side or the back of a car/van/truck to get more speed.

Police say Ciszewski was holding the passenger side of a white 2005 GMC box truck (e.g. a U-Haul or Ryder type truck), skitching a ride, on 47th Avenue near 32nd Place in Sunnyside when he lost control and fell backwards, being run over by the truck’s back wheels.

Skitching is a dangerous activity and should never be done by skaters !

Read the full story on Skate the East.

Houwteq crash

Even when you’re dressed in leather, accidents can easily happen. You get a speed wobble, someone cuts your line or you can miss a corner for example and hit the hay pretty hard. Like what 15 year old Canan van Loggerenberg (South Africa) did last month on Houwteq Downhill Challenge.

He took a right handed corner too wide and went upside down across the hay. Luckily nothing happened and he walked away unscaved.

Utah University discusses skateboarding ban

Utah UniversityThe University of Utah is considering a plan to forbid recreational riding of skateboards (and bicycles for that matter) on its campus.

“Increasingly, young boarders are coming up to campus to speed down the hill to the city, creating potential hazards and at least one collision where a professor was injured, he said.” according to police Chief Scott Folsom. “There are plenty of places to skateboard. Streets, sidewalks and parking structures on campus are not the place to do it.”