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Adam is an angel

Adam is an angel If you skate, you will crash sometimes. Every skater knows and accepts this. But helping a friend prevent extra damage is a big thumbs up in our book.

This video is going all around Facebook and Twitter. We didn’t wanna keep it from you. This is what it means to look out for your fellow skater.

A wet spot at Maryhill

Safety isn’t always in the hands of a rider. In this case some idiot drew a wet penis on the track at Maryhill a couple of weeks ago, which caused rider Ryan Ricker to crash during the qualifiers.

The guy repsonsible has been removed from the event area (so we’re told), but why didn’t the marshall who can be clearly seen in the video didn’t do a thing ? And who dared him to ? Was it the announcer who you can hear in the background ? It’s a shame stuff like this happens.

Video by 1904 Photography

Longboarding 101 – stopping

This is a very interesting video, which was shot after all the ruckus which went down because of the “Spoofing the traffic cam” video where a longboarder tried to set of a traffic cam. A lot of people said it’s not safe to ride like that because you don’t have enough room to break.

This video will show a longboarder needs about the same distance to break as someone on a bike.