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Skater hits a car

Skater hits a carSkating safe is not just wearing a helmet, your protection and your gloves. It’s also ‘reading’ the traffic when you’re skating. Know what’s happing around you.

And most of all: Don’t assume you get way of right (even if you have it) by clapping you slide pucks !

This next video is a downhill video shot somewhere in South America on a narrow street, which is too crowded for a safe session.

Skateboard crashes

Skate crashes Skateboarding, we love it… All those cool moves you see in videos, but what you often don’t see is the countless bails/crashes before they stick it.

This video is a 3 minute long version of crashes and bails. A good example of why protection is not a luxury.

Getting hooked…

Are you also hooked on downhill ? Check this video, this guy is litterally getting hooked, while riding downhill, by a ‘dumbass’ who has no helmet, gloves or pads on.

The guy crashing is the same guy as the one blasting by a traffic cam in this video.

Stay in your lane !

If you’re riding downhill on open roads, you must have heard the term. It’s one of the most important rules when riding on an open road with traffic; Stay in your lane !

This goes for riders but also for follow cars who are filming the run. See this near head-on miss (from both viewpoints).