ESPN lacks riders’ safety in X-Games

Ben Hatchell @ X-Games 2013We all know and like the legendary X-Games, but its organiser ESPN isn’t taking safety of participants seriously in our (and others) opinion, which was proven again last weekend on the X-Games in Barcelona.

Skateboarder Ben Hatchell got into a crash in the pool this weekend and hit his head on the concrete. Like several other participants (and loads of skateboarders), he wasn’t wearing a helmet, which is not obligated during X-Games. See him crash in this video.

For better or worse, this is a universally acknowledged truth in skateboarding, according to Vice:

Unless you’re skating vert (or transition in general if you’re over 40), you cannot wear a helmet. It just isn’t allowed. Helmets are clunky and hot and they make your head look like the top of a penis.

It’s sad but true. Luckily not all riders are ‘against helmets’. It’s in times like this you get a voluntary promotion for helmet use.

X-Games helmet promo - image taken from

It’s hard to comprehend that a sports organiser such as ESPN doesn’t see the responsibility they have when broadcasting an event like this worldwide. Tens of thousands of extreme sporters around the world see this footage and take an example in those broadcasted riders. Participating in the X-games is dangerous and could result in death, looking back at Caleb Moore’s fatal snowmobile crash. Safety should be a high priority during their events. Don’t wanna wear a helmet ? Then go home !

ESPN, you’ld better wake up and realize !


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