Safety gear

This page lists the various options in safety gear.


The most important thing you should have is a helmet. Be smart, save your brain !


Loaded slide gloves knuckelsavers Accept it, you will fall/crash and most likely more than once. Gloves will protect the skin of your hands being grazed off when you hit the pavement.


Safety pads Pads are devided into 2 sorts; elbow and knee. Both come in numerous variations, depending on the discipline you practise.

We have only one advice regarding pads; get the ones you wear ‘as a sock’ instead of the ones which only fasten by velcro straps. This way you’re certain they stay on in times of a crash.

Body Armor

Body armor is the protection of other body parts such as your back, chest, hips or shins.


Glued brake soles Wearing proper footwear is something which is often overlooked (especially in the beginning). Not only can it give you more stability, sometimes it’s also your brake.

Leather suits

BTR suits If you have some money to spend, you can buy a leather suit. You can start by buying a second hand motor suit online before you work your way up to a custom made race suit.