Body Armor

Body armor is the protection of other body parts such as your back, chest, hips or shins.

Back protector

Back protectorYour spine is a vital body part. More and more freeride organizers realize that as well and are obligating the use of a back protector for stand up riders and rollerbladers.

Crash pants

Crash pants A ‘crash pants’ is a pair of shorts which you wear underneath your clothes with reinforced parts on hips and your tailbone.

Shin guards

Shin guards Shin guards can be worn seperate as well as attached to a knee pad or an ankle guard. Very useful in case of a crash and boards roll everywhere.

Mouth guard

Mouth guardIt’s not used a lot (yet), but some riders wear mouth guards while riding. Not only does it guard your teeth, it also helps in preventing a concussion (if you happen to crash).