Leather suits

BTR suits If you have some money to spend, you can buy a leather suit. You can start by buying a second hand motor suit online before you work your way up to a custom made race suit.

We have compiled a list of custom suit manufacturers and added as much info as we can get about them, which would be helpful for you to know when deciding which suit to buy.

Pakistani suits

We have removed a couple of manufacturers from Pakistan, including Skating Suit. We have heard too many bad stories, plus we get bombarded with emails from Pakistani manufacturers who are trying to get a piece of the pie. Therefor this decision. If you want quality, it’ll cost you a bit… Don’t skimp on your second skin.

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€ 550,-
€ 25,-
$ 600,-
$ 80,-
$ 750,-
$ 144,-

Shipping is calculated to Holland. Prices may vary due to exchange rates.

Recommended in EU: BTR Leathers
Recommended in US: NJK

NOTE: Please remember you need to pay import if you order outside of your continent, that's why recommended two brands, to save you on costs, although we favor BTR.