Utah University discusses skateboarding ban

Utah UniversityThe University of Utah is considering a plan to forbid recreational riding of skateboards (and bicycles for that matter) on its campus.

“Increasingly, young boarders are coming up to campus to speed down the hill to the city, creating potential hazards and at least one collision where a professor was injured, he said.” according to police Chief Scott Folsom. “There are plenty of places to skateboard. Streets, sidewalks and parking structures on campus are not the place to do it.”

“A lot of the kids are not trying to hurt somebody, but they can’t stop, they’re out of control,” Folsom said.

According to the new policy, “any recreational, athletic, or other use of a non-motorized riding device on university premises unrelated to participation in university-related activities is strictly prohibited,” except on Bonneville Shoreline Trail paths. Commuting between classes, lectures or other U. activities would be allowed.

Police could confiscate boards if riders don’t provide proper ID, and levy fines for further offenses. Riders are now prohibited from going faster than 10 mph or out of control, but police have to witness the offense, making the rules hard to enforce, Folsom said.

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